Camp Daily Schedule


Clara Barton Camp Daily Schedule:
7:30am Rise and Shine
8:00am Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM's) and Insulin
8:30am Breakfast
9:05am Cabin Clean up
9:40am Flag
9:45am 1st Active
10:45am All Camp Activity
11:40am BGM's and Insulin
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm 2nd Active All Camp Swim
2:00pm Cabin Time
3:00pm Snack
3:20pm All Camp Clean Up
3:45pm Less Active
4:30pm Third Active
5:30pm BGM's and Insulin
6:00pm Dinner
6:40pm Flag
6:45pm Evening Program 1
7:45pm Evening Program 2
8:40pm BGMs, Insulin and Snack
9:30--10:30pm Lights out, depending on age
12:00am BGM
3:00am BGM, if necessary
Camp Joslin Daily Schedule:
7:30am Wake up
7:45am Bloods and Insulins
8:20am Bolus Bell
8:30am Breakfast
9:05am Cabin Clean Up
9:20am Flag Raising
9:25am 1st Active
10:35am 2nd Active
11:35am Bloods and Insulins
12:05pm Bolus Bell
12:15pm Lunch
1:10pm Less Active
2:15pm 3rd Active
3:20pm Cabin Duties
3:50pm Snack/General Swim
4:55pm Bloods and Insulins
5:35pm Bolus Bell
5:45pm Dinner
6:25pm Flag Lowering/Evening Active
7:30pm Evening Program
8:30pm Evening Snack, Bloods and Insulins
9:30--11:00pm Lights out, depending on age
12:00am Blood glucose monitoring
3:00am Blood glucose monitoring, if necessary

Blood glucose monitoring is conducted at least 4 times a day, and whenever the camper wants to check. The schedule is developed so that insulin is administered prior to the meal based on the camper's blood sugar and carbohydrate intake.