Weekend Programs

"I have loads of fun at The Barton Center. It is so great to make friends with other kids that have diabetes too."

November WACkY Weekend

November 18-20, 2016
Coed, Ages 6-16
Cost: $260 per person 

This is the first opportunity for your child to see camp friends since the summer ended! This is also a chance for new campers to try out camp. November WACkY is a great program where we test a lot of new games and programs. “Ghosts” was a big hit this past November, while we continued to play camp classics like gaga and capture the flag! This is also a weekend where we help normalize diabetes by allowing children without diabetes to come to the program and get to experience what diabetes camp is like. Have a sibling or a friend without diabetes join your camper for this incredible experience!

Winter Camp

December 27-30, 2016
Coed, Ages 13-17
Cost: $500 per person                      Limited Space Available

Winter Camp is a great opportunity for our teenage campers to have fun, bond, and learn more about themselves and their diabetes. Being a teenager is tough enough as it is, having diabetes makes it even more difficult. At Winter Camp, campers are given the opportunity to explore how they are dealing with their diabetes—mentally, socially, psychologically, and create and use a support group of people in a similar situation. Campers play a more significant role in their day-to-day diabetes management. Under the supervision of our health care staff, teens will be responsible for their own dosing and charting of numbers. Teen-themed topics are discussed over this four-day program. 

February WACkY Weekend

February 10-12, 2017
Coed, Ages 6-16
Cost: $260 per person

Send a friend or a sibling without diabetes along with your camper to this winter wonderland weekend! Just like November WACkY, your camper will play new games and activities as well as enjoy the camp classics. This New England weekend typically provides a great opportunity to go sledding, build snowmen, and make snow angels with friends!