Sam Fuld T1D Sports Camp--CANCELLED

This brand new program is a unique partnership between former MLB player Sam Fuld, SLAMT1D, Inc., and The Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc. At Sam Fuld’s T1D Sports Camp, the message is simple. Kids living with T1D should never have to sit on the sidelines. Despite T1D, every kid can achieve their dreams in sports and in life.

For kids with type 1 diabetes (T1D), there’s no experience like being around so many people just like them, having a blast playing their favorite sport. While being challenged to rise to their athletic potential, campers hear coaches’ and counselors’ own diagnosis stories, discuss how they manage their T1D while playing, and witness them check their blood sugars and adjust their insulin, making this camp uniquely special for T1D athletes.

Sam Fuld T1D Sports Camp*--CANCELLED

July 5th – July 8th
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Coed, Ages 6-16
Cost: $880 + $50 registration fee

Click here for online registration and printable PDF forms.
Financial assistance may be available.

This new program allows young athletes with T1D, ages 6 through 16, along with siblings or friends, to experience the joy and benefits of sports and physical activity in a safe environment, coached by successful athletes who “know T1D.” Campers and coaches will come from all over the country to attend this amazing four-day overnight experience. Sports are taught by current and former professional and collegiate athletes, all who either have T1D, are a T1D parent, or have coached a T1Der. It’s a sports camp where everyone gets what it means to deal with the rigors of T1D and play a sport. All sports sessions are supervised by experienced counselors and staff from The Barton Center for Diabetes Education (many of whom have T1D themselves).

Campers can choose from six sports where they are divided by age and skill level from first timers to advanced athletes. No matter what level they’re at, campers will develop skills, pick up tips, and be challenged by our coaching staff. Campers and counselors will be housed in UNH dorms during this program.

*WACkY Program—campers can bring a sibling or a friend who does not have diabetes with them to camp during this program. The friend or sibling will also pay a registration fee and camp fee of $880. Space is limited for friends and siblings. No financial aid is available for siblings or friends without diabetes attending this WACkY program.